Tips on how to ask your girlfriend to marry you

Tips on how to ask your girlfriend to marry you

Of the millions of questions that are asked every day, there is one of which the answer will change your life forever: YES! A proposal is a big deal. First, you need to make sure you actually want to take this step forward. Once you have figured this out you need to think of a special way to propose. No worries, Insignety will help you to make your proposal one that is heartfelt and one that she will never forget.

Imagine the moment when all the pieces fall into place: your love for one another, your dreams for the future. One thing is for sure: she deserves the most incredible proposal there is. You have been planning how to do this for a while now. What is the best way to surprise her on this memorable occasion? These tips will make this moment one your bride-to-be will never forget.


No matter how convinced you are that she knows how much you love her, do your best to let your heart speak during the proposal and express how you feel once again. She will be much more impressed by words that are spoken from the heart than the reciting of a text. Make the proposal personal; show that you care about her and that you know her better than anyone. The connection you share is unique. Your proposal should be a reflection of this.


Do not forget to capture this unique occasion, so that you will always have something to help you remember this special moment. Be prepared and bring a photo and/or video camera. Another idea is to plan an engagement photo shoot with a professional photographer after the proposal. You could turn the photos into a personal wedding invitation.


It may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it is oh so romantic. Ask your girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage. You score brownie points not only with her, but also with your future father-in-law.



Once you have decided how you are going to propose to her, it is time for the next step: to search for the perfect engagement ring. It is easier said than done. How do you know what kind of ring she will like best? How do you measure her ring size?

It is best to get advice from our wedding ring experts. They will tell you which kind of ring will suit her personal style the best and what you should consider when you purchase an engagement ring. An engagement ring is the tangible symbol that represents your love. So it is very important for you to make a well-considered choice. After all, she is going to wear this ring for the rest of her life.


It is also important to get the ring size right. The easiest way is to bring a ring that she wears often to the jeweller’s shop. Are you unable to do this? Alternatively, you can measure the ring’s diameter with a calliper. Got the size wrong after all? No problem, Insignety will have the ring altered free of charge. There will be no need for stress at the time of your proposal.



A special moment like this requires its own, unique engagement ring. You know what you want, but you just haven’t found the right ring yet. The perfect gold ring, an expression of your love for her, does not appear to exist. Suddenly you know what do to; you will design a gold engagement ring yourself! To design an engagement ring yourself is the most special way to express how you feel. Your love connection is unique; your engagement ring should be too.


Asking the one you love to marry you is probably one of the most exciting questions you will ever ask someone. Still, we encourage you to remain calm. Stress will get you nowhere and feeling nervous will only keep you from enjoying this special moment.

Insignety wishes you all the love and success in the world!