Which engagement ring suits your loved one?

Which engagement ring suits your loved one?

Insignety loves to warmly share her new collection of engagement rings with you. The collection is inspired by the infinite universe. This limitless inspiration naturally requires some explanation. With which ring is love at its very best sealed when you ask your loved one for his or her hand?

Engagement ring Orion


"Two of the ten brightest stars in the starry sky are in Orion. These are the stars Rigel (Beta Orionis) and Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis). The most spectacular of this constellation is the mist that can be seen with the naked eye, just below the belt. The gas is heated by an association of young stars. Many new stars are formed at the nebula."

These two brightest stars can be seen as your love where your commitment to each other is ensured within the constellation of Orion. Your love leaves a visible and passionate atmosphere, where the passion results in a multiplication of sparkling moments together.

Engagement ring Mira


“The star Mira is a red giant and is the prototype of the Mira variables. The name means "the Miraculous", because the star is sometimes visible to the naked eye and sometimes not. For a red giant Mira moves through the universe at a very high speed of about 130 km per second. Because the star emits a lot of gas, a comet-like tail of gas is formed of 13 light-years long behind Mira. In front of the star one can observe a sort of
bow wave "

This star represents your love which is always there, and therefore does not always have to be clearly visible to the outside world. Your love grows at a stable speed and leaves eventually a visible trace for your environment.

Engagementring Aurora


"Polar light, known to us as Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is associated with huge eruptions on the sun where large quantities of charged particles are thrown into the universe. The charged particles, which cause the polar light on earth, originate from there. Of these charged particles, the sunspots, one 'spot' is more active than the other and they passes through several phases."

The Aurora is known as the Polar light. It originates from many, large charged solar particles. It is therefore why the Aurora engagement ring refers to a warm synergy between your partner and you. Fervor and softness come together and provide an intimate affection.

Engagementring Callisto


"Polaris or the North Star is the brightest star in the constellation Little Bear. The North Star is known because this star is very close to the northern celestial pole. If you were to stand on the north pole of the earth, you will find the North Star just above your head in the sky."

As Polaris is the brightest star of the famous constellation the Little Bear, you can compare the paired radiating sparkle with that for your loved one. Finding a loved one with which someone hopes to be together for the rest of his or her life is something that one can cherish. How can this be more beautiful than with a beautiful engagement ring that gives your loved one the value that he or she deserves?

Engagement ring Polaris


"Callisto is a moon of the planet Jupiter. It is the third largest moon in the solar system and is about the same size as the planet Mercury. Callisto is the moon with the most impact craters of the solar system. Actually the impact craters and associated concentric rings are the only visible geological structures as large volcanoes are not present."

The first period of a lunar cycle is associated with an energy boost. The life energy is growing and this can often be accompanied by an intense and powerful feeling for affection between you and your loved one. What could be better than giving an engagement ring that entails this unique and energetic meaning of love?

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