Cookie Policy

Insignety makes use of cookies on its website. Your privacy is very important to us and we would like to inform you about why and how we use cookies at We use cookies to optimise our website, our services, and your user experience.

A cookie is a simple, small file that we send to and is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. The next time you visit the Insignety website, the information that was stored on the file can be sent back to by your browser.

- Functional or essential cookies.
These cookies support the primary functionalities of our website. These anonymous cookies enable you to navigate the various pages on our website and to store your preferences. Your browser settings are also stored so that you get an optimised view of the website on your screen. Your permission is not required for these cookies. As a consequence, it is not possible for you to opt out of these cookies.

Analytical cookies
Insignety makes use of Google Analytics to collect statistics about the visitors to the website. These statistics provide an insight into how often the website is visited and where there is room for improvement on the website. This way, we can ensure that your user experience is optimised constantly. The information collected by Google is rendered anonymous as much as possible. Google has the right to pass on this information to third parties if Google is required to do so by way of law, or to the extent that these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google has committed itself to adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and is a member of the Privacy Shield-programme led by the American Department of Commerce. This means that an appropriate level of protection is in place, which applies to the processing of any personal data.

Social media cookies
These are cookies that enable the functionalities of social media websites. Via the Insignety website access is provided to various social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. When you click on a social media button, a social media cookie is stored. These cookies collect, among others, information about your browser and the websites you have visited with your IP-address. Insignety is not responsible for the cookies and information that is collected by said social media websites. We advise you to consult the cookie and privacy policy that applies at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

When you register to receive the Insignety newsletter we ask you for your name and your email address. The collected data are kept confidentially and secured against any possible abuse. When you register to receive our newsletter you simultaneously give your permission to store your details. We use the stored data to send you information about Insignety. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email itself.

If you do not want websites to store cookies on your computer or mobile device, you can change your browser settings. Before cookies are stored, you receive a warning. You can also change your settings so that your browser rejects either all cookies or cookies from third parties only. You may also remove cookies that are already stored on your device. We would like to refer you to your browser manual to consult the specific settings. We would like to remind you that disabling, rejecting, or blocking cookies in your browser settings will result in an inferior user experience on our website.

For more information about the management of all cookies, we would like to refer you to the following websites:
Consumer Association: “What are cookies?”
Consumer Association: “What is the purpose of cookies?”
Consumer Association: “Removing cookies”
Consumer Association: “Disabling cookies”
Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioural advertising”

If you have any questions about the cookie policy at Insignety, please contact us at