Design your own ring

A passionate journey to an interactive design process, in which life’s special moments are captured for eternity. Design your own unique jewellery featuring the highest quality standards.


We make the process of designing your own ring even more personal by enabling you to add the heartbeat of your loved one at the exact moment you or your partner make a promise or wish.


A fingerprint in a ring indelibly symbolises the uniqueness of your bond. With Insignety, you can scan your fingerprint - or that of your lover or your child - and add it to your ring design.


Capture a message - maybe just one word - in your unique, personalised ring. A message that means a lot to you and your loved one as it recalls the memories of a shared moment.

Diamond Ring

Insignety offers a wide range of the finest quality natural and lab-grown diamonds. You can select the number of fiery diamonds you want in your ring as well as the size, colour and origin of each diamond.

Text Ring

Treat yourself to a stunning ring that eloquently expresses your feelings: a ring for a truly special person to commemorate a truly precious moment.

Lines Ring

The right lines in a ring can make all the difference. Get inspired by our pre-made designs and create lines in a ring for a one-of-a-kind result.


Are you looking for style and exclusivity in your jewellery? Exclusive patterns give jewellery something special: they are a wonderful way for you to express your personal style.