Design your own
diamond ring

Insignety offers a wide range of the finest quality natural and lab-grown diamonds. You can select the number of fiery diamonds you want in your ring as well as the size, colour and origin of each diamond. So grasp your opportunity to dazzle your discerning darling with a glistening diamond ring.

Diamond Ring

Made or Mined Diamonds

Insignety gives you the unique opportunity to choose between lab-grown or mined diamonds. Our lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in terms of their physical and optical properties, and are an environmentally-friendly, socially-responsible and less expensive alternative to natural diamonds.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Diamond Ring

How it works

You wake up and you know today’s the day. After all, you don’t buy a diamond ring every day. You enter one of our Insignety Design Points and our designer approaches you, sits you down and listens. You are looking for a diamond ring with a difference: fiery, vibrant, intense, eco-friendly, unique and personalised. You are talked through the infinite options and helped in narrowing them down to the essence. They are then added, one by one, to your selected ring design in real time so you can see what your personalised ring would look like with a stunning stone as the shining pinnacle of elegant jewellery.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Diamond Ring Moment

Craftsmanship meets innovation

Insignety offers sophisticated, stunning jewellery that can fit any and every budget, from large to small. Exceptional service for discerning couples to mark a memorable moment. Breathtaking quality by genuine goldsmiths with innovative ideas. Let us help you design your diamond ring at one of our Insignety Design Points or at our Flagship Store.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Diamond Ring

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