Design your own engagement ring

Of all the millions of questions that are popped daily, somewhere in the world, there is an answer to one of them that will change your life forever: YES!

A moment to last forever
DESIGN YOUR OWN - Engagement RIng

A proposal from the soul

This one, defining moment should be reflected in your own, unique, engagement ring. You want the engagement ring you buy to embody the emotions and resonate the reasons that brought you together in the first place. Your love is like no other and you want your gold ring to be one-of-a-kind too.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Engagement Moment

Connecting you and
your loved one

Your engagement ring is something so special it should only be designed by you, straight from your soul. You know what you want, but you haven’t found it yet. You have been searching all day for the perfect gold ring and despite your best intentions, none of the rings you have worn truly speak to the heart, spring from your soul, or reflect the deep love you feel for one another. Suddenly, you have the answer: you have to design your gold engagement ring yourself. And you step into an Insignety Design Point or our Flagship Store to engage on the journey of a lifetime.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Engagement Ring Craftsmanship

Premium jewellery

Your Insignety Expert Designer welcomes you in, sits you down and listens. You want exceptional service and breathtaking quality at an affordable price. You want your dreams transformed into premium jewellery and to be shown real time and on screen what your ring could look like. An Insignety gold engagement ring is the result of artistic passion and technical precision. How do we do that? By offering sustainable, discerning jewellery suited to each and every budget.

Visit an Insignety Design Point

to start creating your engagement ring