Add your
fingerprint to a ring

A fingerprint in a ring indelibly symbolises the uniqueness of your bond. With Insignety, you can scan your fingerprint - or that of your lover or your child - and add it to your ring design.

Fingerprint Ring

A uniquely touching gesture

Insignety empowers you to give your ring design a personal touch by adding a fingerprint. A personal touch that lasts for eternity. So what’s stopping you from designing a unique ring, together with Insignety? The options are infinite, the technology is sophisticated and the quality is not only premium but absolutely breathtaking.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Fingerprint Rings

How it works

The Insignety Expert Designer looks up from the scanner and smiles at the sight of the two of you, hand in hand. Your fingerprints have just been captured and uploaded into your selected ring design during a creative session at the Insignety Design Point. You clasp each other’s hand, pressing your fingers against your partner’s in the knowledge that you will soon be wrapping each other’s fingerprint around your fingers in a bonding band of gold. It doesn’t get more personal than that. And it comes completely free of charge.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Fingerprint Ring Moment

Your fingerprint at your fingertips

Our sophisticated software lets you see exactly what a ring with your fingerprint will look like. You can even select which part of your fingerprints you would like to use in the design. But that’s your little secret. Stunning simplicity at your fingertips. Breathtaking quality. Why not pop into one of our stylish Design Points or our Flagship Store and let us help you create your own unique fingerprint ring?

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Fingerprint Icon

Visit an Insignety Design Point

to add your fingerprint to a ring created by you