Design your own friendship ring

They say you are better off with a friendly neighbour than a faraway friend. However, best friends are as precious as gold. So celebrate your unique friendship with discerning jewellery that attests to the close bond between true friends.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Friendship Ring

Friends forever

You go through life side by side, close to each other’s heart, in good times and bad. You are there for each other, and it all comes together at the perfect moment in your friendship ring. A ring for a unique and special person.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Friendship Moment


True friendship results from unforgettable moments together with dear friends. That said, the journey to mark that friendship with a special ring is not always easy. You have seen lots of friendship rings, but just not quite what you’re looking for and what attests to the strong bond between you and your friend(s). Nothing speaks to you and your best friend as it should, as you had hoped for. Until…

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Friendship Craftsmanship

FRIENDSHIP RING DESIGNS step into a Insignety Design Point or our Flagship Store. You sit down and your Insignety Expert Designer explains that the Insignety Design Software enables you to see the ring you want to create for your best friend in real time on screen. Insignety can help you to design a unique, personalised ring to celebrate your collection of life’s journeys with dear friends, shape these timeless moments and cast them in truly personal, affordable, premium jewellery. Infinite options, exceptional quality.

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