Capture your
heartbeat in a ring

We make the process of designing your own ring even more personal by enabling you to add the heartbeat of your loved one at the exact moment you or your partner make a promise or wish. A unique opportunity to truly express your feelings from the heart and create one-of-a-kind jewellery.

Heartbeat Ring
DESIGN YOUR OWN - Heartbeat Ring

Captured for eternity

Imagine. With a broad smile on your face, you are staring into your lover’s eyes. Holding each other’s hands. Your Insignety Expert Designer looks up from the Insignety ECG monitor and says simply: “Congratulations, we’re done.” Your heartbeats have just been captured and automatically uploaded into your selected ring design. In an instant, you see your heartbeats come together and marvel at the way your pulsating design comes to life on the screen. You see exactly what your heartbeat would look like on the inside or outside of your unique ring.

Your intimate secret

Your designer then asks a tough question: whose heartbeat on the inside, whose on the outside? Or perhaps that’s something so personal, so intimate, you decide to keep that to yourselves, your secret. Only you and your partner know that you both wrap each other’s heartbeat around your fingers in a bonding band of gold. Time to celebrate: round off a wonderful, memorable day out with a glass of bubbly with your loved one.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - ECG Heartbeat Ring

Only a heartbeat away

Adding a heartbeat to your ring is part of the service and completely free of charge. Insignety offers exceptional service and breathtaking quality at an affordable price. We’d love to see you at our Flagship Store or at one of our Design Points and help you design your heartbeat ring!

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