Create your own
pattern ring

Are you looking for style and exclusivity in your jewellery? Exclusive patterns give jewellery something special: they are a wonderful way for you to express your personal style.

Pattern Ring
DESIGN YOUR OWN - Pattern Ring

Choose from patterns
and organic textures

If you wish to be inspired by shapes in nature that are both ageless and contemporary, then choose from the wide range of patterns and organic designs that Insignety offers.

How it works

During your personal creative session with your Insignety Expert Designer, you can see exactly what your ring will look like once your chosen organic design and/or pattern has been added. Every change you make in the pattern is shown real time on screen, and adding a pattern is completely free of charge. The options are infinite, the price affordable and the quality both breathtaking and premium.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Pattern Icon

Visit an Insignety Design Point

to create your own ring with endless patterns.