Place a meaningful text in your ring

Treat yourself to a stunning ring that eloquently
expresses your feelings: a ring for a truly special
person to commemorate a truly precious moment.

Text Ring

Terms of endearment

Sometimes a name is all you need to tell your story in a ring. Maybe a date - yesterday, yesteryear - brings back a special memory. Or the coordinates of where you first met. Whether the words you choose to place in the ring are from a poem, part of a quotation that speaks to you, a lyric from your favourite song or even an extract from a sacred verse, the design of your ring becomes even more personal with words that are dear to you. Why not treat yourself or your loved one to something truly special and unique?

How it works

Your Insignety Expert Designer will work with you to capture your special text, without extra costs. During the design session, your text is added to your selected ring design immediately. You see it on screen, real time, and know exactly what your ring will look like. Insignety can make it happen for you and your loved one. The quality is breathtaking and the options infinite.


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