Design your own unique wedding ring

Personalised wedding rings are more than simply circles of gold. Your bond is unique and you want your rings and wedding rings to be too. Insignety enables you to design one-of-a-kind wedding rings that express your discerning personality and individual style.

Your Special Wedding

Unique wedding rings

A wedding ring is a lasting symbol of the unique bond between you and your loved one. The rings you exchange on your wedding day - a special moment you will never forget - are infinitely more than just circles of gold. Your wedding ring is an emotional expression and extension of you and your partner. As unique as you both are. As personal as it gets.



Imagine your wedding ring with your lover’s heartbeat or handwriting close to your skin. Imagine a gold ring around your finger engraved with a print or pattern, a meaningful text, an unforgettable line or an organic design. Or with the coordinates of the location where you first met or where he asked you to marry him. Capture this bigger picture and that special moment on camera when your partner slips your gold wedding band onto your ring finger, and you do likewise. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words.

DESIGN YOUR OWN - Wedding Craftsmanship

Premium quality and outstanding craftsmanship

Your Insignety Expert Designer has the tools to work with you to design personal and unique jewellery that will make your wedding touching and timeless. A wedding ring is a premium gift of celebration, designed by your goldsmith from the best sustainable materials and crafted by Insignety innovators who understand that quality and sophistication may be nothing less than exceptional. Insignety helps you put your soul into making the intangible tangible. The unusual affordable. Step into one of our Insignety Design Points or our Flagship Store. We’d love to help you to design your own unique wedding rings.

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