Our Fragrances

Our Fragrances

Insignety tells the story of your life through jewellery, fragrances and fine accessories. Our exclusive scents reflect the unique beauty of Insignety jewellery and symbolise the precious union of two souls.


- sweet, sexy and feminine -

It opens with a burst of elegant, sweet notes infused with exhilarating spices. This is followed by the aromatic opulence of the tuberose flower and soft leather, white musk, guaiac wood and amber add a warm touch to this sensual fragrance.



- robust, spicy and mysterious -

A burst of oriental spices, tobacco and rum followed by the velvety opulence of tuberose and tanned leather. Aftertones of black musk, tonka beans and guaiac wood.This intricate melange of scents mingle to make a rich, warm and longlasting impression with a subtle air of sensuality



- fresh, strong and vivacious -

First a burst of light citrusy notes infused with invigorating spices. Afternotes of aromatic and sultry cardamom and tangy ginger. Ceder and vetiver add a pure and refreshing finishing touch that lingers for hours.



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