PROMOTION: Diamonds worth €500,-

PROMOTION: Diamonds worth €500,-

When showing this gift card at a complimentary design session in your nearest Insignety store, you will receive €500,- worth of diamonds with the purchase of a set of unique, individually designed Insignety wedding rings. This promotion is valid until 31 May 2018. Make an appointment at your nearest store, without any obligation.

The wedding season has begun

The season for choosing wedding bands is here. Spring 2018 is a popular time to get married, which means that the preparations are in full swing. The location is set, the first wedding dresses are tried on, but the wedding rings are equally important.

At Insignety you create the rings of your dreams together with the Insignety Expert Designer. You choose the material, the colour, the diamonds, and the personal features that you can add to the rings, such as a heartbeat, fingerprint, or handwriting. Now, Insignety gives you the opportunity to make your ring even more beautiful. Because you will receive €500,- worth of diamonds with the purchase of a set of wedding rings.

€500,- worth of diamonds

Insignety offers naturally mined, as well as lab diamonds of the most premium quality. Select the number of sparkling diamonds for your ring, as well as the size, the colour, and the origin of each diamond. All our diamonds are conflict free and supplied by trustworthy suppliers.


Find your nearest Insignety Design point below. We are happy to explain the various options available at your leisure and then you can design your wedding bands together with your Expert Designer.

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