Diamond 4C's

At Insignety, you choose the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight of your diamond.
Not sure where to start? Let us take you on a journey through the 4c’s.

The cut

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The cut of a diamond reflects the angle, shape and positioning of its facets. In many ways, cut is the most important factor because the combination of a diamond’s facets create the breathtaking brilliance, dispersion and scintillation that give it such a special appeal. Precise artistry and craftsmanship are required to shape a stone so its proportions deliver the brilliant return of light only possible in a diamond.


From the crown to the culet, learn more about the anatomy and the measurements of a diamond that play a key role in determining the cut quality.


The colour

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We colour-grade each stone to a precise scale from colourless to saturated. Insignety only accepts diamonds graded near colourless or better. A pure and structurally perfect diamond has no tint, like a drop of pure water.


The international gemological D-to-Z colour scale is the industry's most widely accepted grading system. The scale begins with D for colourless and continues, with increasing existence of colour, to Z.


The clarity

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Diamond clarity is the presence or absence of characteristics called inclusions in the diamond. If a stone has no internal flaws and no visible external imperfections under 10-power magnification, we consider the diamond to be flawless.

The carat


The weight of a diamond is denoted by the term carat, although carat weight in itself does not necessarily determine a diamond’s value. Two diamonds of equal carat can have different values, because a diamond value is determined using all of the 4C's.